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Salter Pan For Life 28cm Wok

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Salter sets a new high standard for cooking with this carbon steel wok featuring a patina coating that seals in the seasoning every time you cook. Simply oil and season the pan a few times before use in order to build up a non-stick coating so that food will easily be released from the pan when cooked and food debris will slide off for effortless cleaning. It has an induction base so it is suitable for all hob types and is even safe to use in the oven so you can cook like a professional.

  • Season the wok to create a patina non-stick coating, it will get darker as this builds up - the darker the pan, the better it performs.
  • Measuring 49.30 x 28.30 x 6.90 cm, this wok is made from high quality carbon steel so it is wonderfully durable and long lasting.
  • The wok has a strong, pressed stainless steel handle with an easy grip layer which is great for safer, more secure cooking and lifting.
  • To allow the patina coating to build up and naturally enhance the flavours of your food, simply wipe the wok with a cloth after use.
  • This easy to use wok suits all cooks and abilities, is suitable for use with metal utensils and will instantly enhance your cooking.

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